A New Day for the Garden

A lot of my time spent at the UF college of architecture was focused on stewardship of the land. To be honest, the subject matter didn’t give me goosebumps.  I was motivated more by things that were beautiful and inspiring.  As time passed, I continued to love things that were beautiful and inspiring but as I gained real-world experience my appreciation for forms and systems that were practical gained importance too. Then the Great Recession punished our excesses and the word cost effective became acceptable to actually say out-loud. Well, it’s a new day and I now find myself pondering sustainability. Perhaps it is the rapid passing of birthdays, I don’t know, but it is very clear that nothing lasts forever and it takes that grim realization to navigate us toward solutions. The good news it that there are solutions… all they need is a refreshed perspective to see them clearly.

Beautiful, Inspiring, Practical, Cost Effective and Sustainable. I believe that these five adjectives should be applied to every landscape project whether it has a budget of 500.00 or 500,000.00.

I posted this video a couple months ago, but it is so relevant to this conversation I have posted it once again. Please have a look and enjoy:

If I may help you with any outdoor project, please give me a call 772-419-0024 or email me:  landarchmike@gmail.com Also, my primary website has great information to help you get started with a project, the address is www.MikeFlaughLA.com 

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