About Me

I am a Florida registered landscape architect practicing in Stuart since 1988. I was born in Miami and educated at the University of Florida. Living in 3 of Florida’s 6 hardiness zones has given me valuable experience in the myriad of ecosystems and microclimates that this state has to offer. The Dogwood and Azaleas of Gainesville are in sharp contrast with the Seagrape and Mangroves of the Keys.  We have the Savanna’s, Lake Okeechobee, Ocala National Forest, the Everglades and so much more. This is why I love being a landscape architect in the Sunshine State, with a pallet like this means that I never run out of ideas and inspiration.

I am am passionate about conservation and sustainability. I do this because I want to show my clients some very attractive alternatives to our regular suburban landscapes. While I still enjoy designing everything from tropical gardens to formal estate landscapes that range from moderate to very high maintenance,  when there is an opportunity and it is appropriate, I encourage the greenest option.

I am active with local non-profits Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross and Children’s Home Society. I am a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and recently I was elected on to the board of directors for the Audubon of Martin County.

Personally – I value spending time with my family,  boating, architecture, cooking, nature and playing music.

I hope to share with you my perspective on the outdoors. Please share your thoughts, a blog is a conversation, so let’s talk.

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