The devil is in the details

Yes, the devil is in the details, so in part 4 of our series on outdoor spaces, let’s look at details.

If you are just joining us, you may want to rewind and start from with post #1 from my friend interior designerTammy Dalton – click here.

Okay, last time we talked, we reviewed project planning process from a distance, let’s now step a little closer.

The following sections (click to enlarge) are sketches that I developed by actually doing the work myself, I can say with confidence that most homeowners could handle all three of these projects over a couple of weekends with a very small budget.

Potted plants placed around a patio, pool or even tucked into a garden can offer color and contrast. The shape, form and scale of the pot can also serve as a way to visually define a space, draw attention or guide a person through a series of spaces.


Water features are always enjoyable. The sound is soothing and the water movement mesmerizing. While desperately trying to find custom, cost-effective, low maintenance fountains, I developed the system shown below. You pick a high quality, weather proof pot, urn or vase and then use it as a center piece for a “spill over” fountain. Large heavy-duty plastic tubs are easy to find online or at big box home stores. Install using the details shown and you will have years of enjoyment.                                       

Another favorite outdoor amenity is the fire pit. Even in Florida we can enjoy this staple of socialization five months out of the year. The truth is, fire pits don’t really project much heat, so most evenings the fire can be enjoyed. On warm nights, my wife will simply put candles in the bottom and the ambiance is achieved with ease. Below is a simple stone fire pit detail. I prefer to use native Florida materials like limestone. Tennessee and Colorado stone is beautiful, but I think a sense of place is the more important component of aesthetics. I built a similar pit in my back yard and it has worked really well. The only downside is you have to sit with your back to the wind because the smoke will getcha. Using Duraflame or similar products reduce the smoke problem significantly. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you find these tips useful as you embark on your weekend projects. 

Stay tuned for the next exciting post-in-series which will be delivered by Tammy Dalton in a couple of weeks.

If I may be of any help in planning your next landscape project, please call me –               772-419-0024 or email – You can also visit my website at where you will find more information on design and materials.

Continue scrolling down to see more about sustainable gardening and other landscape topics explored on previous posts.


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